Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just a quick update on where we’re at:

·         Brisbane City Council has issued contracts to two timber specialists to supply the timber decking for the new Pier. The successful companies are Parkside Group of Companies (from Ayr) and Kennedy's Classic Aged Timbers (from Narangba).

·         Currently Council has lodged a Development Application for Tidal Works and a Marine Permit for working in the marine park from the Queensland Government. Council is awaiting the results of this application.

·         The development application is Impact Assessible – which means the application will be publically advertised and it will be open for public submissions (and open to appeal through the Planning and Environment Courts).

·         Tender documents are prepared and ready to be issued once a decision is made concerning the Development Application and the Marine Permit.  Given the complexity of the work, the tenders are expected to be open for 5 1/2 to 6 weeks.

·         Work will be mostly done in the 2014/15 financial year (with $11.521M allocated) and completed in the 2015/16 financial year (with the remaining $7.123M projected for that year).

·         Some of the $11.521M was funding carried over last year (which wasn’t spent) – you’ll recall $550,000 was carried over from the 2013/14 Budget to the 2014/15 Budget. So the funding allocated is about what was previously proposed.

·         Most of the work will be the removal of the existing Pier, recovery of materials which can be re-used and to start work building the new Pier, in the similar style to the current one.

·         The Shorncliffe Pier renewal project is expected to be completed by early 2016, according to comments by the Lord Mayor in his Budget speech yesterday

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our First Official Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Protect the Shorncliffe Pier Group
24th October 2012. 7:00pm Seaview Hotel Conference Room, Pier Avenue Shorncliffe

14 People attended the inaugural meeting of the Group
3 Apologies received

Lawrie Breitkreutz welcomed all to the first meeting of the Group.

Various points were discussed at the meeting as follows
·         Queries were raised regarding the BCC seemingly slow response in getting the Pier restored including the way that the Pier is to be restored.
o   Concerns were raised that at some stage the BCC may cut short the repairs of the Pier in a manner that will leave a Pier that is not the same as the current one.
o   Consideration for what was planned in recommendations made to council regarding the Pier eg building a narrow Pier in its stead.
o   The meeting was informed that the Council Project team has been given direction the Pier will be the same length, and on the same alignment that is currently in place, although wording from council is vague in this regard not specifying the current width. This will be brought up with the Project team and the Council at a meeting in the near future.
·         Independent review on the state of the Pier by a qualified engineer
o   Ros Hutchison submitted a proposed letter to the Head of engineering UQ, to obtain an independent evaluation on the condition of the Pier, especially the effect of the marine borers on the strength of the Pier over the next few years till repairs are made. The meeting endorsed sending the request and Ros will send an email requesting assistance on this.
·         Consultation with the Shorncliffe Pier Project team from BCC
o   The meeting was informed that we have a very good relationship with the BCC Project Team and they are quite open in what they have to do to complete the Project in the time line set on the council Budget.
o   Lawrie and Ian will be meeting with the Project Team in the next couple of weeks to discuss increased consultation between us and the BCC team.
·         Effect on Business
o   It is obvious that various businesses have suffered
o   General discussion ensued and one of the points raised was that the Sandgate/Shorncliffe precinct lacks any coordination on promoting the area. It was suggested that we should contact the fellow who runs the site to discuss getting more people involved in promotion of the area.
·         Termites
o   Ian contacted the council regarding the Termite treatment of the Pier and future monitoring of this particular problem
§  The BCC have just conducted a review of the treatment done in September, they will be retreating the infestation again in the next few weeks.
§  The current infestation has not affected anything above and including the deck and railings, the infestation was restricted the cross members between the deck and the piles.
§  Although inspections are usually completed annually on structures, the Project Team has informed us from now till the end of the project these inspections will be regularly completed to ensure that pest infestations are controlled as they occur.
·         Incorporation
o   It was decided that as a group we need to incorporate and create a legal entity to deal with Council , and look at promoting the Shorncliffe Pier when the project has been completed
o   It will be a not for profit group
o   Lawrie and Ian were confirmed initially to be the Chairman and Secretary respectively of the association for purposes of incorporation.
o   Further details will be provided to all shortly regarding this.
·         More details being available on the Pest control problem
o   A good point was raised that the Pier had two infestation problems one of termites and the other marine borers, the marine borers not able to be treated, and that people were not really aware of the distinctive characteristics between the pair. Further details are going to be provided over the next few days in relation to this.
·         Movie on the Pier
o   Mark Templeton requested that there is a group of movie makers who are interested in making a movie on the plight of the Pier, and requested if we could give assistance in this endeavour.
o   The meeting endorsed this and Mark will inform the movie makes.

The meeting also requested that we meet regularly and it has been endorsed that we shall meeting every 3rd Wednesday of each month to discuss the progress of our endeavours.

Our next meeting will be again at the Seaview Hotel on the 21st November 2012 at 7:00 PM

Friday, August 10, 2012

Circular from BCC on the Pier Project

A Glossy Community Newsletter was delivered into the local area over the last 2-3 days regarding the Shorncliffe Pier Renewal Project. This details what is currently happening

Newsletter regarding the Pier

Letter re Hydrographic Surveys around the Pier

City Projects Office
Level 2, 171 George Street, Brisbane Qld 4001
GPO Box 1434 Brisbane Qld 4001
T 07 3403 8888

31 July 2012

Dear Resident / Business Owner

Shorncliffe Pier renewal project
Commencement of hydrographic survey works – 3 August 2012

In this year’s Brisbane City Council budget, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk committed $20 million in
funding to repair the Shorncliffe Pier.

As you may be aware, the pier was closed to the public in March 2012 for safety reasons. A
regular inspection of the pier determined the structure was unstable and required significant repair

Prior to the commencement of these repair works, Council must undertake a series of planning
activities to determine the most efficient means to carry out the works. As part of these planning
activities, Council will start hydrographic survey works around the pier on Friday, 3 August 2012.
Works will be carried out between 7am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. It is anticipated these works will
take approximately 1 – 2 weeks to complete.

The purpose of the hydrographic survey is to help Council measure and locate various features of
the surrounding marine environment. The data collected will then be used to assist Council to plan
and carry out the upcoming repair works.

The surveys will involve the collection and recording of data from both shore based measuring
equipment and a vessel on the water. These works are not expected to generate excessive noise
or cause any disruption to the local environment.

Council is committed to keeping the community informed about this project. If you have any
questions or would like more information, please call the project information line on 1800 884 681
or email After hours, please contact Council on

(07) 3403 8888.
Yours sincerely

Roger Caswell

Project Manager

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brisbane City Council Work 31/7/2012

The council will be undertaking surveys around the Pier in the Next couple of weeks as part of the process of restoring the Pier. This will mainly be underwater surveying. It is part of the preparation for the tender that will be formulated for the Piers Repairs.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bayside Star - Cameras Clicking at the Pier

Cameras clicking at the Pier

Front page news of the children from Shorncliffe State School and their Photos of the Pier

PHOTOGRAPHS of the Sandgate Pier recently emerged giving an insight into the world from the eyes of children. Shorncliffe State School held a competition and printed a book about the Pier showcasing the talents of their top student and parent photographers. The photos depicted the Pier from different angles from a single close up of a pillar to a rainy day where the light poles were reflected by puddles. Head of curriculum June McCrorie said it was amazing what the students came up with and they hoped to use the Pier again in the not-too-distant future. “We’re Shorncliffe State School and that’s our Pier, so we decided to celebrate it with a photo competition,” she said. “It came as a response to the controversy of the Pier and the idea we could be losing it. “Because the Pier closed down the students really had to think out of the box.” Shorncliffe students frequently go down to the foreshore for media and science classes but have been unable to use the iconic Pier since it was closed down in March because of safety concerns. Year 5 student Erin Christmas said over the past few terms they had been learning about the 130-year-old structure and thinking about why it was important to them. “We wrote persuasive text about why we should or should not keep it,” she said. “I used to go down there with my family and grandparents and we would have a picnic and go down it on our scooters. It was really fun.” Through sponsorship of QUT Caboolture Campus each of the 20 winners was given a copy of the book. The others will be kept at the school and at libraries and historical societies.

Note from Ian;
I had the pleasure of speaking with the Headmaster Cameron Boal this morning. I obtained a copy of the book "Our Pier" and to say I was impressed is an understatement, both with the Photos and the written contributions of the children under each. It is excellent to see the that children of Shorncliffe State School share the passion and love of the Pier that has been a part of the community for over a century.

I was informed that there is a copy of the book at Sandgate Library and the Historical Society in Rainbow Street, we will try and get permission to use the photos in the book, and we shall turn this article into it's own page.

Cameron showed me all of the photos taken by the children in the competition and I am impressed with all of the children's efforts in submitting their photos and thoughts in relation to  The Pier. 

From me to all of the children at Shorncliffe State School congratulations on a job very well done.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meeting with Brisbane City Council

Meeting summary with Cr David McLachlan – Chairman Field Services Monday 16th July 2012

Lawrie and Ian attended a meeting with Cr David McLachlan to discuss the Shorncliffe Pier in an attempt to clarify what the Council is doing in relation to the Pier. The following points to come out of the meeting

·         The Council is committed to keeping the Pier in its current Design and in the current position; there are no plans to build another Pier.
·         It will be restored in its current alignment, length and width
·         The only change that will be evident will be the placement of concrete piles instead of timber, to ensure that the Pier will not be subject to Marine borer infestation again.
·         The Council will reuse as much timber as possible in the structure, some timber will need replacement.
·         They are currently preparing documentation for a Tender for the work to be undertaken.
·         The Council have budgeted $18000 for termite treatment over the next 12 months, if more funding is needed for this task monies will be made available, they are aware of the need to protect the Pier from the termite infestation and are prepared to spend more if required, they emphasised this as they to do not want any further damage to spread.
·         Lawrie put a proposal to the meeting with regards to upgrading the Wall opposite so that it can be used for fishing and photo shoots e.g. resurfacing and a safety rail along the edges, concern was expresses as to who owns the wall and they have replied to us informing us that it is their responsibility. The Council are now looking at this.
·         Cr David McLachlan has promised to keep this group informed via email.
·         A flyer will be sent out to all residents regarding the Pier; we shall be getting a PDF copy to distribute electronically to all in the group.
·         They are now fully aware of the loss of tourism and the subsequent loss of business to our local community.

They were informed that we are not a political group, but a group of very concerned people whose lives and livelihood has been adversely effected by the now current condition and closure of the Pier. We shall still keep a close eye on what is happening.